Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Is Pain All in My Head?...

Since I'm a personal trainer, friends, family, clients and acquaintances alike all tell me about their aches and pains.  Some have had the same pain, it seems to them, since forever.  Many of my clients come to me because of their pain with hopes of diminishing the intensity through strength training or a stretching program.

I've often found that muscular or joint pain does not originate at the site of complaint. Surprisingly, many aches are actual referral pain coming from a completely and far removed location on the body.  This referred pain, in many cases, can be caused my some sneaky little thing called Myofascial Trigger Points located within the muscle fibers.

I am currently studying this area of pain relief and how to decrease, deactivate and eventually eliminate these little but HUGELY annoying and painful points (think of Carpal Tunnel, Shoulder pain, headaches, etc.)

But first, let's see what pain is in this cute video that explains the difference between acute and chronic pain.  This will not go into Myofascial Trigger Points or it's manual therapy but a great first step in learning about pain in general and possible ideas on how to get on the road to relief.  Please understand that when it says "Pain is produce 100% of the time from the brain" it is NOT, I repeat, it is not saying pain is "all in your head" as in only psychological.

I promise, it'll be fun...go ahead and press the play button below:

Now wasn't that interesting?  Stay tuned as I go over what Myofascial Trigger Points are and it's therapy, later.

Finding the true source of your pain is tricky, but you'll feel better!


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