Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Body Hoops and the Beach Babe Cycling Classic...


I had a most excellent day hooping in the sunshine promoting Body Hoops at the Beach Babe Cycling Classic.  It was held at Marine Green Park in downtown Long Beach, California that overlooks 9.4 acres of Shoreline Aquatic Park.

The Beach Babe Cycling Classic supports it's charity partner, HealthCorps, a non-profit organization founded by Dr. Oz and his wife, Lisa, to address American's obesity epidemic.  

It's a great way to support a wonderful organization, give back, exercise and grab a tan...all in one afternoon!

BodyHoops was supporting the cause and asked if I could man the table at the event.  Being a licensed BodyHoops instructor I said, "Of course!" I had a blast hooping it up with riders and their families.  How could you not resist all those beautiful, sparkly hoops?  Well, they couldn't!  And since this was an event promoting exercise and well-being, what better way to do that then by hooping?

A few pictures of the fun we had:

My "Roadie" helping me set up.  He's the best husband, EVER!

Look at all those beautiful BodyHoops!
Learning the 'weave'

Wanting to learn so much that she forgot to take her bike helmet off...awesome!

Decisions, decisions...  

Whenever someone started hooping, I couldn't help but smile along with them.  I love it when people start to laugh and just enjoy hooping again... or for the first time!

Check out that beautiful California backdrop


And not to forget my hooping sidekicks!  They were enjoying the day as much as anyone else, just look at that smile on Bailey while Cooper is keeping watch for any renegade squirrels.

Beautiful day, giving back, lots of hooping and spending time with my family...not bad for a Sunday afternoon.

P.S.  Should you want a hoop all your own (and why wouldn't you?) you can go to www.bodyhoops.com and purchase a beautiful new hoop.  Use coupon code: Jasmine to receive $5.00 off!

Now go exercise, you'll feel better!

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  1. Looks like the pups were happy to be there with you. YOu're awesome. thanks!