Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Place That Understands Me...

Since it's so hard for me to find gluten, dairy and soy free, I was in heaven when I came across Nekter Juice Bar.  Short and sweet,  you simply must try Nekter Juice Bar.  They have locations in Costa Mesa, Corona del Mar and Long Beach, CA.

Now I know there is that other juice bar all over town but this is so much more and, in my opinion, better for you.  Here's why:

They make their juice from actual vegetables and fruits.  Nothing out of a jug and don't skip over that last part:  They add real VEGETABLE juice.  There's no dairy, gluten or tons of added processed sugar.  They do have agave syrup for sweetening.  It's lower on the glycemic scale but I still shy away from adding this because you don't need to add sweetness to already sweet fruit, darn it!  (Sorry, that just came out). But I digress...

For those of you who haven't tried juices or smoothies made with kale, spinach, parsley or maybe a cucumber, I suggest you try it.  Yes, it may be green but it's chuck full of vitamins and minerals and blended with other yummy ingredients you won't feel like your eating a glass of liquid spinach.  Trust me.  And you don't need to add sweetened yogurt, or sherbet or ice cream to make it taste tolerable.  Again, trust me. Like I've harped on before, get in the habit of tasting what real food taste like NOT what the manufactures want you to get hooked on.  Oops, I digress again...(I'll put away my soapbox now).

I tried the 'Grenie Bowl.  Pure acai, berries, banana, spinach, kale, nutmilk and agave (if you must) and whipped into this soft frozen slice of heaven then if that wasn't enough, they topped it off with hempseed granola and added bananas and strawberries on top of that!.  Tell me that doesn't sound wonderful!
(Caution: People with nut allergies unfortunately will not be able to partake of it as their nutmilk is blended cashews.)

Besides these wonderful Acai bowls, they make juices and smoothies.  Doesn't a Chocolate Dream smoothie with nut milk, cacao, carob, dates, avocado, a dash of agave syrup and blended with ice sound delish?  For a person who can't do dairy, you bet it does! 

Let me know if you head on down to Nekter Juice Bar and tell me if you choose something off their menu or made up a blend all your own, I'd love to hear about it.

Go on, add some green veggies to your life, you'll feel better.


  1. Must try! Sounds quite yummy!!

  2. My sister and I love Nekter Juice Bar! And Chocolate Dream truly is a dream!! Everything that I have tried is soo good and gluten free! I am right on board with you about why nekter is better for you... you can actually see the fruit and vegetables right before your eyes, its not a bunch of garbage! Just real raw delicious food :)

    I checked out their website to get more information on what they are all about and found your website through theirs. So glad to have found your site as I am also gluten free, dairy free, and sugar free.

    -Katie (San Clemente)

    1. So glad to find another gluten/dairy free like-minded girl around these parts! Let me know if you find any other yummy gluten free places to try!